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About DRAACADEMY.AE (Academy of Law)

The DIFC Dispute Resolution Authority Academy (Academy of Law) was founded in 2015 as a separate institution to provide high-quality ancillary services to the UAE legal community.

Its primary responsibilities include teaching and regulating lawyers, publishing and disseminating information, holding legal community activities, and offering free legal help to those in need.

The educational and training programs offered by the Academy of Law are intended for professionals working in the legal field who want to advance their careers.
A comprehensive course catalog implies that UAE legal professionals of all backgrounds and levels can receive relevant training.

The Academy of Law now offers a new path to an international legal profession.
Students, legal professionals, and practicing lawyers can gain relevant legal qualifications in the United Kingdom and the United States through the GCC’s leading international Law Academy.

The Middle East’s first Pro Bono Programme was established in 2009 to assist persons who cannot afford legal advice or representation. It provides basic legal assistance all the way up to comprehensive case management and representation in court. Individuals who qualify are appointed a legal representative and receive free legal representation for the duration of their case.

Specific ancillary services provided by the Academy of Law include:

  • The Pro Bono Programme
  • All training programs, including the DIFC Courts Certificate in Law and Procedures, Advocacy Training, Lecture Series, and Arabic lectures on DIFC Courts legislation and procedures.
  • Legal practitioner registration and adherence to the DIFC Courts Mandatory Code of Conduct
  • The publication of DIFC Courts publications, such as the DIFC Courts Rules, legal textbooks and articles, Law Reports, and newsletters.
  • The Committee on Education
  • The Annual Legal Gala Dinner, as well as other networking opportunities