Dominos Careers in UAE 2024 New Job Openings

Dominos Pizza is an American restaurant business known worldwide for its expertise in the preparation of traditional, basic, and premium pizzas, which are available for delivery, pick-up, and consumption in restaurants.

Do you want to be a part of the Dominos Pizza team? We will explain how to acquire a job in Dominos Careers in UAE, as well as the prerequisites for Dominos jobs, job opportunities, and how to apply by emailing your resume.

About Dominos

Their tale begins in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA, with brothers Nick and Tom Monaghan’s idea. They decided to revive the firm by adding new ingredients and utilizing high-tech methods that would ensure the delight of those who adore them.

Today, Dominos Pizza has 720 sites in 90 countries, with 275 franchisees and 433 corporates, and your company’s success would be impossible without the teamwork of 270,000 individuals and 10,000 colleagues that work together to deliver outstanding service and promptly finished products. The components are carefully selected to protect our clients’ health while also soothing their taste senses.

On their menu, they provide conventional, premium, and basic pizzas, to which customers may add additional ingredients to create personalized pizzas at the greatest prices.

To maintain firm performance, the board of directors encourages principles such as accountability, respect, integrity, cooperation, and camaraderie, allowing the company to provide a pleasant working environment with prospects for progress within the organization.

Requirements for Dominos Careers in UAE

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Have finished high school.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in administration, accounting, medicine, legal sciences, computer science, or engine
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • Have completed high school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in administration, accounting, medical, legal sciences, computer science, or engineering is required.
  • The course on food handling has been provided.
  • Have a commanding presence.
  • Gather the company’s defining values.
  • A permanent work visa will be required for a person of another nationality.
  • You must have a driver’s license to operate as a delivery worker.
  • Understand how to work with people.
  • Have a strong desire to study as well as the time to do so.
  • Have at least two years of experience (this requirement applies to executive and administrative jobs).
  • ring.
  • The food handling course has been presented.
  • Have a strong presence.
  • Collect the values that define the company.
  • A permanent work permit for a person of another nationality will be required.
  • If you want to work as a delivery person, you must have a driver’s licence.
  • Understand how to collaborate with others.
  • Have a desire to learn and the time to do so.
  • Have at least two years of experience (applies for executive and administrative positions).

List of Job Vacancies in Dominos Careers

  • Dealers
  • Cashiers
  • Sellers
  • Staff in the Kitchen
  • Customer Service
  • Dubai Pizza Delivery Jobs
  • General Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Human Capital
  • Security and vigilance
  • Assistant in the Room and in the Kitchen
  • Occupational Health.
  • Manager of a Store

Salaries and Employment Benefits in Dominos UAE Jobs

  • Distributors are paid a monthly salary of 4146 AED.
  • Sellers are paid 3769 AED each month.
  • Cashiers are paid a monthly wage of 3957 AED.
  • The cleaning team is paid a monthly salary of 3392 AED.
  • Administrative workers may expect to earn between 4899 and 6030 AED each month.
  • Occupational doctors are paid 6030 AED per month.
  • Monthly pay for room and kitchen assistants ranges between 3392 AED and 3392 AED.
  • Employees in the kitchen earn between 3769 and 4146 AED per month.
  • The monthly compensation for security guards is 3769 AED.
  • Human resources experts make 5653 AED each month.
  • The monthly salary for a store manager is 5276 AED.

A Dominos Pizza profession offers the following benefits, in addition to options to learn if you lack experience:

  • Medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage
  • FSAs and HSAs (Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts) are two types of health savings accounts.
  • Aid for Education
  • Financial Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Mental Health and Family Support
  • Savings for Team Members

How to Apply in Dominos Career in UAE

  • Go to the Domino’s Pizza UAE employment page.
  • It will be necessary to register on the employment website.
  • Fill out a form with your personal information, such as your name, zip code, and email address, and then select a password.
  • You must decide whether you want to receive offers for delivery, room assistant, kitchen assistant, or administrative positions when you register.
  • Choose the area of work with which you identify based on your academic education or professional experience.
  • Learn about the available roles and apply for the one that piques your interest.
  • When the human resources department approaches you via email, they will inquire about the hire.

Walk in Interview in Dominos UAE

Walk-in interviews are often planned for a certain time window and are first-come, first-served. Check out all of the Dominos walk-in interviews happening right now. Click Here.

Dominos Now Hiring in UAE


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If you are interested in Dominos UAE Jobs Vacancies, you should apply for a position at Dominos Career. It is, without a question, a fantastic platform for both fresh and seasoned professionals to transform their degrees into employment. If you have any queries concerning this topic, please leave a comment.

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