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Choithram is currently a thriving conglomerate with affiliates in a wide range of businesses, including wholesale sales, commodity broking, and food and non-food production. This historic organization brings to the group a lot of experience and resources. Choithram first debuted in the UAE in 1974 and has since expanded to become a retail network with over 39 supermarkets throughout the emirate.

Would you like to work at Choitrams? We will explain how to get a job in Choitrams Careers in UAE, as well as the qualifications for Choitrams employment, job vacancies, and how to apply by sending your CV, in this article.

About Choitrams

Choithram and Sons is the public face of a huge and profitable business network. T. Choithram and Sons was established in 1944 in Sierra Leone, West Africa. It has since expanded into an international conglomerate with operations throughout Europe, North America, Africa, and the Gulf. The firm is a for-profit corporation that sponsors and maintains a network of schools and hospitals in India and West Africa.

Requirements for Choitrams Careers in UAE

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • A permanent work visa will be required for a person of another nationality.
  • Experience range from 0 to 5 years in the professional world.
  • High school diploma, diploma, or graduate degree in a comparable or equivalent subject.
  • Excellent communication skills and proficiency in Arabic and English are required.

Please keep in mind that you must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to apply to this company. You must also confirm your eligibility for the position for which you desire to apply.

List of Jobs Vacancies in Choitrams Careers

  • Sales in Retail
  • Representative of Sales
  • Marketing
  • Helper
  • Representative of Customer Service
  • Sales Manager
  • Cashier
  • Supervisor

Salaries and Employment Benefits in Choitrams UAE Jobs

  • Retail sales bring in AED 12,000.
  • A Sales Representative can expect to make approximately AED 78,000 per year.
  • Marketing pays around AED 36,000.
  • A helper’s monthly salary is around AED 36,050.
  • A Customer Service Representative may expect to earn approximately AED 36,000 per year.
  • A Sales Supervisor may expect to make roughly AED 39,000.
  • A cashier makes around AED 26,400 per month.

Choitrams provides a variety of benefits in addition to attractive salary packages. They offer:

  • Health and happiness
  • Your financial situation
  • Committed to daily adaptability
  • Insurance and other financial services
  • Help for careers

How to Apply to Choitrams Careers in UAE

Please send your CV to the email address provided to apply for Choitram positions in the UAE. Also, please send just an updated résumé. You must wait a few days after submitting your CV before the Choitrams employment staff reaches you.


Official Career Page of Choitrams UAE

Walk-in-Interview in Choitrams UAE

Walk-in interviews are typically planned for a certain time window and are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. View all of the Choitrams who participated in the walk-in interview. Click Here.

Choitrams Now Hiring in UAE


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If you are interested in Choitrams UAE Jobs Vacancies, apply for a position in Choitrams Careers. It is, without a question, a wonderful platform for both fresh and experienced professionals to turn their degrees into employment. If you have any queries concerning this topic, please leave a comment.

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